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jesse bravestone
I keep it way realer than you PUTO.
abusing heroin, adult swim, advertising, al green, alphabetter, anti-juicing of faces, antidisestablishmentarianism, aphex twin, art blakey, asplices, babies, bach, beer, ben harper, billie holiday, books, bossa nova, bravestones, carter beauford, cello music, chicano power, chickens, chicos tacos, choke, chromium, chuck palahniuk, clapton, coldplay, comm, conan o'brian, creativity, damien rice, dave matthews band, dead babies, delaware adams american icon, disciplining children, discovering new music, dizzy gillespie, doo doo, drug abuse resistance education, eating out, el paso, elipses, eric clapton, faces made of juice, faces that hate juice, familia trese, fanta, fight club, food, freeriding, funny things, guitar, humor, incubus, indoor soccer, innovative music, jaco pastorius, james brown, jamiroquai, jazz, jazzanova, jeff buckley, jesse bravestone, jesus christ, jesus h. christ, jesus h. christ jr., joanna newsom, john coltrane, juiceface, juicefaces, juicefaces rule!., julio mena phd, kevin smith, ktxt, las cruces, live babies, lord of the rings, los fatherless, lounge music, lubbock, luis munoz, lullaby, mana, me, modest mouse, music, nasty boys gang, nine inch nails, nmsu, norah jones, not losing to carlos, orchestra, people named jesse, pete and pete, philosophy, photography, pink floyd, poker, poop snakes, poopsnakes, postal service, pounching to your face, pretending to be depressed, pulp fiction, punch drunk love, queen, racism, radiohead, rediscovering old music, requiem for a dream, robots, salute your shorts, selling out, setting a bad example, sigur rós, slurs, smashing pumpkins, stepping on your crotch, stevie ray vaughan, tank!, tears for fears, teenage mutant ninja turtles, texas, texas tech, the beatles, the police, the postal service, thumbing up, tim burton, tool, trent reznor, underworld, unsigned bands, utep, vanilla sky, wes anderson, words, wynton marsalis, you, zinc, zoom zoom, ñ